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Chapter 3 : Important points on the development of large cities (Intermediate to Advanced)

Suddenly a 4-lane road has appeared in front of the station ! This is the sign that large developments are beginning. Large buildings like apartment complexes and skyscrapers will now be built. From now until the city has fully developed you'll need to steel your spirit and concentrate on the development of the city ! Prepare yourself !

Let's deliver cargo to the city between 22:00 and 23:59 !

As the city begins its large development the rate that it consumes materials will also increase. Constructing the new buildings takes a large amount of materials. When cargo is delivered to the city's freight station then it'll be consumed immediately after delivery. Instead of trying to meet the rising demands of the city we should focus on delivering the freight between the time of 22:00 and 23:59. When freight is delivered between 22:00 and 23:59 the cargo that is dropped off is used for the continued operation of the city, it isn't consumed immediately for the construction of new buildings. At midnight that cargo is consumed to sustain the city, and by 1:00 any left over cargo will be consumed as construction materials. To clarify: Any cargo delivered between 22:00 and 23:59 is used to sustain the city and is consumed at midnight, these we shall call "Living Materials". If cargo is delivered at any other time it will be consumed for city building and any Living Materials left over when the clock ticks to 1:00 will also be used for construction, these we shall call "Construction Materials". If at midnight the station manages to consume Living Materials then it will remain in a state of development. Whether it is in the presence or absence of Living Materials determines if the station can develop or not. Using this quirk, if only Living Materials are brought to a station and it is also starved of Construction Materials, the city will be in a state of perpetual development while the large buildings are not being completed. By taking advantage of this you can create an excessive number of large buildings, this term is called "Overdevelopment". Remember: Cargo delivered after midnight will be consumed as Construction Materials and if left in that state for a few days then your dreams of Overdevelopment will not be realised and the station will say it has reached its highest development. Let's take extra care on that point.

Here we deliver cargo between 22:00 and 23:59.

If delivered between those times it won't be consumed even though the city is under development.

As the clock ticks over midnight the cargo was consumed as Living Materials

Continue the process to have developments like this ! (in this case, commercial)
The number of passengers at the station is large. They're probably all construction workers !
Because there are no Construction Materials they will never finish building even if many years pass.

There is one more point to note : A limit exists on the amount of Living Materials each freight station can hold. Each station can hold up to 120 tons of Living Materials when placed between 22:00 and 23:59, if more is placed it will be left untouched and used as Construction Materials. If 120 tons is not enough to sustain development then you may have to set up a secondary freight station in the vicinity and will need to deliver cargo to both stations between the allotted time. If you're extra greedy when Overdeveloping you may even need a third station !

Should we make 8x8 or 4x4 commercial buildings ?

As we know from previous chapters, commercial areas are easily developed if we have 8x8 sized blocks. This raises one problem: How do we best use this vacant lot ?

8x8 sized commercial buildings.
(Left : Multi-tenant building. Right : Hotel.)

This is a group of 4 4x4 multi-tenant commercial buildings.

It's clear when you look at the above two images that there is two ways we can use our 8x8 blocks.
The first way is with large 8x8 sized multi-tenant buildings (or hotels), the second is with 4 4x4 multi-tenant buildings tightly packed in the same space. Which use of land leads to the highest increase of population ? the number of Industry Points each building is worth is the key.
According to information from another website, 8x8 multi-tenant buildings are worth 704 points and 8x8 hotels are worth 729 points. However, the 4x4 multi-tenant building is worth a whopping 640 points ! In other words, the best 8x8 sized building is worth a mere 729 points but a group of 4 4x4 multi-tenant buildings is worth 2,560 points ! That's over three and a half times more points within the same area ! The difference is obvious, to raise the population to the very limit then 4x4 multi-tenant buildings are the solution. Be warned, however, that to make 4 bundled beautifully takes a lot of work and long term guts and spirit, so prepare yourself !
The information is based on the experiences and observations of xero_one.
Because of this, success is not guaranteed even when the steps are correctly followed.

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